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Why Outsource Your Marketing to Jetty Marketing?

As companies consolidate their operations to focus on what they do best, it has become more commonplace to outsource various business functions, including marketing.

When does it make sense to outsource to a firm like Jetty Marketing? Here are some reasons businesses turn to us. They:
  • Cannot justify full-time, in-house marketing talent, but need a marketing professional to handle their on-going marketing needs
  • Prefer to have a part-time senior marketing executive vs. a junior-level, full-time marketing employee
  • Require assistance with their in-house marketing team for a specific project or period of time
  • Like the ease/cost efficiencies of bringing in a contract resource without concerns of headcount or layoffs should needs change in the future
Jetty Marketing is your outsourced marketing resource, but you can think of us as your “in-house marketing team.” Jetty Marketing works closely with you, your staff, and your vendors to plan, develop, and execute your marketing programs. We can help your company with any or all of the following:
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Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy is the byproduct of a marketing audit process. Jetty Marketing will complete an audit of your company to understand your products/services, your target audience, the competitive landscape, the potential for your company in the marketplace, as well as your business goals. From the audit, we’ll develop a marketing strategy designed to reach your objectives. It’s a necessary first step in our process, and one that our clients find very informative and enlightening.

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Marketing Plan and Budget Development

From the marketing strategy, we develop a marketing plan, which includes the campaign tactics we recommend to meet your marketing goals. We can also include a proposed marketing budget—with the costs broken down for the campaign elements—to implement the plan. Marketing plans are based on a client’s resources, objectives, and timelines.

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Lead Generation and Awareness Campaigns

Most companies want to generate new leads to fill their "sales pipeline." While these companies typically have a team responsible for selling, it's critical to bring in new leads. We can also create campaigns to nurture prospects through the sales cycle, help convert them to customers, and make sure they keep coming back. Here are just some examples of lead generation and awareness marketing mediums that we can help with (both traditional and digital marketing campaigns): Emails/Newsletters, Webinars, Website Content, Direct Mail, Advertising (print, pay-per-click, social media, and banner ad campaigns), Collateral Development (white papers, datasheets, brochures, sell sheets, presentations), and more.

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This is the fun part. We love making sure the marketing plans get off the ground so you can see results. As the saying goes, "the devil is in the details"—a great marketing concept can quickly go sideways if it's not well implemented. That means each component of the marketing plan needs to be completed, proofed, tested, retested, reproofed, and reviewed again. And again. Potential customers will remember a broken link or a typo, and quickly lose interest in the message or offer if they can't easily take action on it. While we pride ourselves on the marketing strategy and planning process, we love to roll up our sleeves to make sure the campaigns we develop are successfully executed and measured so you see tangible results.

Testimonial 6

“I’ve worked with Coleby for ten+ years. She has filled many different roles for us including, email manager, webinar lead, and project manager. She has always been pleasant, transparent, reliable, and thorough. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Julie Harju
Director of Marketing and Communications
MIT Sloan Executive Education

Testimonial 2

“I had a large project that took me out on the road for several weeks, and I needed a reliable marketing resource that could manage the company’s ongoing marketing projects in my absence. I also needed an expert who could get familiarized with the business very quickly, and Jetty Marketing was the perfect solution.”

Gloria M.,
Marketing Manager

Testimonial 3

“I have worked with Jetty Marketing in the past and appreciated the strategic input as well as the tactical know how to create and get the marketing programs off the ground. With their help, we generated tons of new, high-quality leads. Plus, it didn’t feel like an outside resource but rather an integrated part of the team—and they are fun to work with.”

Kellee M.,
Global Channels Marketing Manager

Testimonial 1

“Coleby Mantz of Jetty Marketing did a terrific job helping me articulate my product, my target market, and my value proposition for my new consultancy. Starting with a detailed marketing audit, she guided me through the process of developing a clear and focused go-to-market plan. Coleby paid attention to all the details on the website. Social media-link placement, call-to-action and graphic placements were all part of her final product. Coleby brings a wealth of knowledge, a commitment to excellence, and a winning attitude to her projects. She will make you work hard, then she will deliver high-quality work on time and on budget.”

Marc Mackin,
Principal, Facet Solutions LLC

Testimonial 4

“Jetty Marketing was instrumental in helping me create a foundation for our marketing efforts. Being a start-up, we are thinly staffed and needed a fast-turn around solution to getting some of the key stuff done. Jetty Marketing came in and added value immediately building marketing plans, brand guides, and sales materials that we continue to get value from today. They have the ability to think strategically and act tactically, which is hard to come by. All around it was a great experience to get us off the ground.”

Michelle H.,
Vice President, Marketing

Testimonial 5

“I really appreciate the excellent project management oversight as well as the writing work from your staff.  We could not have done it without you!  Thank you, Jetty Marketing, for all your help and leadership!!!”

Phuong Nguyen
Senior Program Manager
Boston Scientific